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[Laughs] At times we try to mirror reality on B&B and be grounded. We’re telling a story here.”The fall out from the sexual harassment suit should be good.

Stop believing the shit that his 3 frau fans make up. Celebrity Dirty Laundry just makes up shit, often rewording things from bona fide spoiler sites and inserting their own garbage and presenting it as "fact." There have been times when they even cut and paste statements from penned by posters writing on soap opera message boards who have nothing to do with their site and presented it as a spoiler.How can that be when it’s well established that he’s in touch with Lauren Fenmore?BB: Hey, one time they tried to freeze the world on GH, so this is not too far of a stretch!The female demo, which advertisers want, are tuning out because of boredom. Eileen Davidson looks incredible for having turned 58 this week. He'd probably play Michael sans hairpiece, if they'd let him.The gay old overweight fraus, who advertisers don't care about, say that Sally is resetting Y&R and to give her time. Mal Young should tell her that viewers today have no patience. But they don't even want him to show the gray on the sides.

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    Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

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    His company, Clear Capture Investigations, specializes in insurance fraud and "infidelity surveillance," as well as "political and corporate surveillance." The building's video cameras showed Uman moving the device to a new position each day — until it caught the eye of Sen.

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