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Davis farm, Lake Village; 5) Gailbraith farm, Goodland Historically Yours by Donna La Cosse – assisting Sharon Leighty of Argos, IN with book about Amish people in Mt. (Murray) Sheldon; 2) Older version of house in horse and buggy days w.w.w. Family History Division Republishes “Hoosier Hunting Grounds” or “The Beaver Lake Trail” with picture of book cover and four of the illustrations contained in the book and drawn by local artists Mary Krueger, Greta Taylor, Mary Turnball, Ruth Warrick Goodland photos from David Dye website 1) C. Resource Center Update, submitted by Beth Bassett – Window displays, donations, new Power Point presentation “Beaver Lake, It’s Fowl and Fauna”, increase in visitors to Center, progress on Newton County courthouse documents, reminder to alumni groups – school newspaper collection Photo: Howard Clutteur, Ed Tebo, Charles Lewis, White Harbison, Milroy Voglund, Leslie Voglund, Warren Columbe, Ed Brees, Clyde Herriman, Albert Collen, Charles B. N., Newton County Public Health Nurse Photo 1913 Kentland High School Football Team, contributed by Terry Dieter - Coach, Kenny Mc Cain, Harvey Dixon, Guy Littlejohn, Coach Bernard Hassett, Alford Armold, ? , Stanley Kemp, Paul Cunningham, Roy Dixon Photos: 1) 1953 picture of Mary Jane Padgett on Ade School steps; 2) Teachers at Ade School approximately 1943: Hazel Deardurff, Phyllis Merrill, Wilbur Hays and Virginia Dobson. (Hershman) Helms Photos: Harold Hershman Descendents: 1) Helen and Harold Hershman with Deanna and Mark; 2) Mark, wife Nancy, son Dean; 3) Dean’s children, Dominic P., Saylor Diane, Drew Patrick; 4) Robert Rodriguez, Andrew Siegel, Matt Siegel, Jim Siegel, Mary Siegel, Nancy Siegel, Charles, Siegel, Ann (Siegel) Rodriguez, Emily Rodriguez, Megan Sherwood, Matthew Sherwood, Sarah Rodriguez, Katherine Sherwood, Nicholas Rodriguez; 5) Nancy May (Hershman) and Charles Siegel; 6) Thomas Siegel, Amy Sillman, son Nathan Siegel One of the Older Homes in Goodland contributed by David Dye; Two photos/views of the Sheldon House: 1) Minnie Sheldon and her mother, Katherine E. Depot; 2) Goodland Hotel (Sluz Tavern); 3) Goodland Pan Handle Depot (postcard); 4) Masonic Lodge 1920’s – 1930’s; 5) Threshing Rig, 1914; Grant Twp Schools – 1) Constable School #6, 2) First school house in Goodland; 3) Constable School #6, circa 1900 Photos: (1) Fogli’s Resort, located in “Water Valley” also known as the Shelby-Thayer area; (2) view of drive past Fogli’s Resort, Water Valley, on the Kankakee River; (3) Ahlgrim’s Bayou, August 1905, on the Kankakee River; (4) Diana Hunt Club, 1905, Thayer, Indiana Photos: (1) Stranded trucks and automobiles await the arrival of the National Guard to open US 41 South bound to travel during 1967 winter storm (The Villager photo); (2) National Guard’s 60 ton tank that broke the path cleaning US 41 in 1967.– Morocco Courier microfilm project, Donna (Lopp) Ekstrom donation of information on Ulrich Kenoyer family, Family History Division basic genealogy clinic, Carl Carpenter speaker at October NCHS meeting, Christmas “Open House” at Resource Center, Index for Marg Carlson’s book “Kentland’s Scrapbook – World War II”, 2010 County Sesquicentennial. thank you for joining us, back with a local news update in hlf an hour. we danced with him on "american bandstand." we'll remember the man who changed the face of pop culture for generation after generation today, thursday, april 19th, for generation after generation today, thursday, april 19th, 2012.

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Bess, Roselawn; 2) Julius Christianson home, Lake Village; 3) James R. Ayr area; Gerald Born and Sharyn Harvey book contains information about 1910 settlers in Roselawn, Thayer, Shelby. 1887, Cynthia, John, George, Carrie, Susannah, Marie, Elizabeth, Fan, Grace; 2) The Tea Party in Kentland 1883 – only person identified was Carrie E. who…what…where – inquiries from our website; Two photos of ’55 Ford – Current Owners of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird seeks Original Roots; An Inquiry from Across the Pond – Morocco connection; Tebo Family inquiry Photo, circa 1902/03, Teressa Ellen (Rogers) Sapp; John Williams Sapp and a baby(? John Wesley Sapp, Sarah Olive (Lester) Sapp, wife/husband; Abraham C. Ayr class of 1917-1918, Hazel Jenkins, Faith Lambert, Jennie Benson, Ruby Standish, Vera Wicher, Vera Standish, Lera Standish, Ellsworth Warren, Ernest Harris, Lysle Elijah, Herbert Miller, Percy Chamberlain, Frances Warren, teacher unknown; 2) Mt. Mallatt, Wilson Spaulding, Fred Spitler, Winton Jacobs, Amel Taylor, Frank Brewer, Frank Martin, Harley Padgett, Frank Troup, Thomas Kane, Ed (Frenchie) Polen. Photos contributed by Judy Schultz Recipes of the Past – Recipes from old cookbook including possum, grouse, squirrel pie, hasenpfeffer, roast squirrel, Brunswick stew; Uncle Dave’s Apple Cake and Uncle Dave’s Cabbage & Beet Soup; Uncle Dave’s Cajun Meatloaf Article & Photo: Jeff Mashino’s Tribute to his Grandfathers, both Civil War Veterans: Standing, back row from left – Sam Thomas, Capt.If errors were made, please contact the Newton County Historical Society. Please note that all contributions to the editorial content of "The Newcomer" is all volunteer. The issue dates are based upon the seasons, following Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. the fee is .00 plus postage, if copies are available, a limited number are available. 2) Brook, Indiana High School photo from Chester A. Newton County Public Library, Lake Village, Receives Platt and Jennie Conrad, Lemuel Milk Family Memorabilia by Beth Bassett.The PDF files that you can download here are as they were published.

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