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Andhra Pradesh is bound on the north by Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, on the west by Maharashtra and Karnataka, on the south by Tamil Nadu and on the east by the Bay of Bengal, with a coastline of 974 km.Agriculture is the main occupation of about 70 per cent of the people in Andhra Pradesh.During the following centuries, Satavahanas, Sakas, Ikshvakus, Eastern Chalukyas, Kakatiyas ruled the Telugu country.

Foodgrain production, which stood at 1,31,026 MT in 1980 had gone up to 2,03,287 MT by 1997-98.

There are practically no records relating to the history of this area, except some oral literature and a number of historical ruins found mainly in the foothills.

Subsequent explorations and excavations have identified the ruins as dating approximately from the early Christian era.

Important power projects in the State are: the Nagarjunasagar and Neelam Sanjiva Reddy Sagar (Srisailam Hydel Project), Upper Sileru, Lower Sileru, Tungabhadra Hydel Projects and Nellore, Ramagundam, Kothagudem, Vijayawada and Muddanur thermal projects.

Several major industries are in operation around Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

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