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From July 2003, it will be displayed on paper bank statements. You will see a Branch Identifier Code displayed on your bank statements.

The Bank Identifier Code is an address that uniquely identifies the branch where your account is held.

However, please note that cheques can be returned unpaid at a later date. When you issue a cheque payable to someone else, the amount will normally be deducted from your account two business weekdays after the recipient pays it into their account.

If a cheque is returned, we will debit your account and send an advice to you by post. For example, the amount of a cheque paid in on Monday will normally be deducted from your account on Wednesday.

This number will now appear on your electronic bank statements.Your balance will always be the most up to date balance when you first view it, but if you wish to obtain the most up to date details whilst you are logged on to your account, click 'refresh balances'. If your account goes overdrawn, or your existing overdraft increases as a result of our deducting a cheque from your account, we will charge you interest from the day the cheque is deducted from your account.Please note that the 'refresh balances' function will update all the balance information displayed within the balance summary, but will not update statement information. Where can I find my International Bank Account Number and Branch Identifier Code? It is possible that certain transactions may debit and credit your account throughout the day.back to top When will cheques I write show on the system? Can I download statement information to my computer? Can I save the format and date each time I download statement information? Your statement will always be the most up to date when you first 'log on' to your account, but if you wish to obtain the most up to date details whilst you are 'logged on', click 'refresh statement'.Please note that the 'refresh statement' function will update the statement information for the account selected, but will not update any other account or your balance summary. Currently Internet Banking holds up to the last 72 months worth of transactions (while you have an account with us).

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