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So if you have a phone whose home network is T-Mobile and you are in an area where T-Mobile has spotty coverage, the phone will refuse to roam on AT&T even if AT&T has a better signal. Which network a given Trac Fone, NET10 or Straight Talk phone is homed on depends on the market it's sold in.Trac Fone companies seem to prefer selling T-Mobile homed phones, followed by Verizon with AT&T as a last resort.Continue reading to learn how to tell which network these phones will use The Motorola V176, V170 and C139 and LG225 are also GSM phones that can be on either T-Mobile or AT&T.To tell if a GSM phone is homed on T-Mobile or AT&T: If you are buying the phone in a store look for the product number on the box under the barcode.

Non-smartphones with model numbers ending in G along with the following Android phones; Alcatel One Touch Pixi Glitz, Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar, Huawei Inspira, Huawei Magna, Huawei Pronto LTE, LG Destiny, LG Sunset, Samsung Galaxy S4 , ZTE Citrine (Z716BL), ZTE Paragon, ZTE Unico LTE and ZTE Whirl 2, ZTE Whirl Android phones and the Huawei W1 Windows Phone are GSM phones that are homed on either AT&T or T-Mobile.

i Phones: The NET10, Trac Fone and Straight Talk i Phone 4, 4s and 5 use the Verizon network.

The current NET10, Trac Fone and Straight Talk i Phone 5s, SE, 6 and 7 come with Verizon SIMs but can be activated on AT&T uy using a Net10, Straight Talk or Trac Fone BYOP SIM Android phones: With most America Movil Android phones you can tell which operator they use by model name or number.

These codes are: CDMA-V or LTE-V = Verizon, GSM-A or LTE-A = AT&T, GSM-T or LTE-T = T-Mobile.

If you already have the phone, check the SIM ID printed on the SIM and shown in the Prepaid menu (feature phones only).

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