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And I’ve dived deep into it to find 45 websites in weird niches that recently sold on Flippa for thousands of dollars.These are real eye-openers as some are genuine online business opportunities that you can clearly see there'd be demand for and others are just plain weird and you would never have though it could make money..they do! Horse Lane is a successful niche e Commerce dropshipping website that specifically targets horse lovers and riding enthusiats.Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Here's another niche e Commerce store that is making money with dropshipping and was recently sold on Flippa for more than k.Like any good niche site, they're focused on a very closely related group of products and have turned it into a home based online business.At Niche Hacks, of course, we’ve already revealed more than 1781 profitable niches that you can start working on right now. If you haven’t heard of Flippa, it’s the world’s biggest platform for buying and selling blogs, websites and online businesses.

This particular site not only has great content but also has very strong branding and an eye-catching design.

Their product range comprises of jewelry, clothing, and gift items all in the shapes of different horse accessories.

These guys combined 2 different ideas (horses and gifts) and turned it onto a profitable internet business idea. Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Who doesn't love cats? Yep, they turned what was definitely designed as a small side hustle or hobby website into a proven online business.

Send Cat Facts is a single page website that allows users to send funny cat related facts as anonymous SMS messages to their friends. Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months I am a LEGO enthusiast since childhood so I can understand why this site is so successful.

It covers news related to any LEGO sets that are being retired by the company.

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