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Abstract: Analysis of the robot hand was analyzed using dedicated software for FEM analysis. in ANSYS, the geometry was updated and the structure meshed using 3D elements. Economic Load Dispatch(ELD) is one of important tasks which provide an economic condition for a power system.

Stukenbrock, "Toward maximum flexibility in working machinery, iht control in a mecalac excavator," 2004. Yao, "Energy-saving control of singlerod hydraulic cylinders with programmable valves and improved working mode selection," 2002. Eriksson, "Control Strategy for Energy Efficient Fluid Power Actuators: Utilizing Individual Metering," SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden: Linköping University, 2007. There are various field of power system in which PSO is successfully applied.

(April 2003), "Nanometer stepping drives of surface acoustic wave motor", IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, 50, IEEE, pp. Due to its higher quality solution including mathematical simplicity, fast convergence & robustness it has become popular for many optimization problems.

Abstract: Particle swarm optimization (PSO ) is an effective & reliable evolutionary based approach .

In the real world, everything that occurs results from the interaction between atoms (and sub-particles of those atoms). If we were to simulate the world in a computer, we would have to simulate this interaction based on the simple laws of physics. Domenico Prattichizzo,, and Antonio Bicchi,"Dynamic "Analysis of Mobility and Graspability of General Manipulation Systems" IEEE transactions on robotics and automation, vol. This paper presents a review of PSO application in Economic Load Dispatch problems.

Finite element analysis is a method to computationally model reality in a mathematical form to better understand a highly complex problem. it is a method of determine the most efficient, low cost & reliable operation of a power system by dispatching the available electricity generation resources to supply the load on the system.

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This causes a lot of heat generation and energy loss within the actuators.

The study investigates and analyzes the possibilities of reducing the hydraulic resistance and increasing efficiency of the hydraulic actuator.

Conventional hydraulic cylinders are simulated in FLUENT. Singh, "Derivation of design requirements for optimization of a high performance hydrostatic actuation system," International Journal of Fluid Power, vol.

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