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The racetrack is run by the New South Wales Remote Control Race Car Club Incorporated, a not-for-profit club, and was host to the 2001 IFMAR World Championships for 8th scale racing which saw the worlds best 8th scale racers attend this event. It is surrounded by a park called Chinches Pond Reserve.

According to the 2006 census undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Moorebank was home to 7599 people who tended to be young families on slightly better incomes than the national average.

Moorebank is also home to a purpose built remote control car race track.

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Most prominent is the Moorebank Magpies Australian Football team which plays in the second division of the Sydney AFL competition.The project also involves the remediation of identified sources of contamination including storage tanks, waste pits, waste stockpiles, asbestos impact materials,organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and hot spots that are located in various locations across the site.This includes the removal and remediation of nine large underground storage tanks located across the site and the remediation of former site tip areas that contains in excess of 80,000m3 of deleterious and contaminated fill.The average age was 34 compared to 37 for the country as a whole and the median family income was 72 per week compared to a national figure of 71.Much of this, however, was gobbled up by housing loan repayments where the median figure for Moorebank (33 per month) was well above the national figure of 00.

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