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According to Grinnell, Olar suggested they kill Knickerbocker for money, a deed Grinnell initially agreed to.

"We talked about different ways, ideas," the soft-spoken Grinnell said.

Moir also asked why he went back to Knickerbocker's house before the killing, knowing what Olar intended.

He also asked how he could fall asleep in that situation.

They arrested a woman at the residence and as they were taking her to the Bay County Jail on outstanding warrants, she bemoaned how she was getting locked up while others were getting away with murder.

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His friend planned the whole ordeal, he testified, in hopes of making a quick buck.Case origins The case against Olar and Grinnell came to light the evening of Aug.9, when Michigan State Police troopers responded to domestic violence situation at Grinnell's stepbrother's home.Prior to Grinnell's testimony, forensic pathologist Dr.Kanu Virani testified via telephone that he performed an autopsy on Knickerbocker's remains on Aug. Virani said Knickerbocker had suffered blunt force trauma to his head, adding he counted about 27 wounds.

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