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You will know that the butter is soft enough when it offers little resistance to a knife. Add in the sugar and continue beating on low to combine.

Once the sugar and butter are combined, increase the speed to medium and continue beating.

On 18 September, the Lebanese Cabinet decided to grant Al-Manar a license after having been requested to do so by then Syrian president Hafiz al-Asad. During the 1990s, the popularity of satellite broadcasting greatly increased in the Arab world and in Lebanon.

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That’s why I say that these cookies are a sign for us that Christmas is near. Char (my wife) made these Lebanese Butter Cookies last Christmas.

And just last weekend a cousin made them for a big family gathering. But I think should would be happy to see that these cookies are still very much a part of our family Christmas.

Every year at Christmas family gatherings, my wife’s Aunt Rita used to make her special version of these cookies.

As a matter of fact, these cookies are a sign for us that Christmas is near. In our house we regularly roll Grape Leaves, make Hummus and Tabouleh, and cook with lamb.

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