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-- If payment processors are holding on to funds to investigate transactions, there are some best practices to make the system smoother ...(See Working with payment processors)Card companies go above and beyond for military members -- Credit card companies offer a wide range of money-saving benefits exclusive to military families, but these perks aren’t widely advertised. (See Credit cards for the military)Even if you win a chargeback billing dispute, the merchant can still sue -- You must first make a 'good faith effort' to work it out with the store ...(See Books, movies about personal finance)Best credit cards for extended warranties -- Before you buy an expensive item, check out what kind of extended warranty your credit card offers and choose the one with the best coverage ...(See Extended Warranty)Save money in the new year with these 8 card tricks -- Want extra cash to spend in the coming year?All credit card news Bad credit, credit repair Balance transfer, debt consolidation Best credit cards Breaking news Business credit cards Canada Cash back cards Cashing In Q&A columns Credit account management Credit Card Help Credit card videos Credit scores, credit reports Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards Expert Q&A Frequent flyer programs, airline rewards Get to the Points Infographics Innovations, features, new products Legal, regulatory, privacy issues Low interest, zero percent cards Opening Credits Podcast Products Rate report Reaping Your Rewards Research, statistics Reward programs Shopping Speaking of Credit Student credit cards, young credit The Credit Guy To Her Credit Your Business Credit Reselling a gift card?

-- When Santa is on a budget, what do you tell the kids?(See Calling your bank)How to organize your finances in the new year - Credit -- Tips to help you keep up with bills, avoid late fees, spot bogus charges, track spending, log card rewards and spend money right. (See Organize your finances )Fed payments data: We're using credit cards for smaller purchases - Credit -- We pull out the credit card more often, and the average dollar amount per credit card transaction is shrinking ...(See Smaller purchases)Year in review: top credit stories of 2017 -- Rising interest rates, a cash back card boom, a CFPB shake-up and new co-branded cards marked 2017. (See Year in review: top credit stories)I've been a victim of card fraud but my bank won't help me - Credit -- If you've been a victim of card theft and your bank is uncooperative, you have options.- Credit -- Expect no change on your credit score when bankruptcy's discharged.For scoring purposes, it's the date it was filed what counts. (See Bankruptcy discharge and credit score)Rate survey: Average card APR climbs to record high of 16.32 percent -- Jan. podcast: Making your financial goals stick - Credit -- If you've made a resolution to get your finances and credit under control this year, there are some key strategies to making those goals stick and making this your best year ever ... podcast on financial goals)Should you use card rewards to pay down debt?

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