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I realize that it'll depend on other factors (like how good the series is or personal recommendations from friends), but all things considered, does the series being incomplete and on hiatus impact your decisions?

You can submit poll ideas here Previous Poll Results: Question: Do you give Christmas gifts?

A sweet story about the high school love between two boys.

In case you didn't know, they were a manga reader site that actually played nice with the wishes of scanlators. Edit: This affects Manga Updates somewhat due to our .

Choices: Yes, mostly stuff I bought - votes: 2040 (42.9%)Yes, mostly homemade things - votes: 194 (4.1%)No - votes: 1421 (29.9%)I would if I had money... The poll ended: December 30th 2017For the few of you that make things, congrats! Previous Poll Results: Question: Just by looking at the title of a series or a volume cover image, can you determine the demographic or genre of the series?

Choices: All the time - votes: 392 (7.9%)Most of the time - votes: 2982 (59.8%)50/50 - votes: 1121 (22.5%)Not really - votes: 457 (9.2%)Never - votes: 38 (0.8%)There were 4990 total votes.

The poll ended: December 23rd 2017Pretty obvious most of the time Previous Poll Results: Question: Your favorite author has been charged and/or convicted of a serious crime (murder, rape, child prostitution, etc).

Would you treat their fictional works any differently?

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