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They featured simple language, racy illustrations, mild profanity, and subtle moralizing.Private Snafu did (almost) everything wrong, so that his negative example taught basic lessons about secrecy, disease prevention, and proper military protocols.They also had to wear identification badges at work.

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While Private Snafu was never officially a theatrical cartoon character when the series was launched in 1943 (with the debut short Coming!

Primarily, they demonstrate the negative consequences of doing things wrong.

The main character’s name is a play on the military acronym SNAFU, “Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.” The series was directed by Chuck Jones and other prominent Hollywood animators, and the voice of Private Snafu was performed by Mel Blanc. Although the United States Army gave Walt Disney the first crack at creating the cartoons, Leon Schlesinger of the Warner Bros.

Through his irresponsible behavior, Snafu demonstrates to soldiers what not to do while at war. Malaria Mike, for example, Snafu neglects to take his malaria medications or to use his repellent, allowing a suave mosquito to get him in the end—literally.

In Spies, Snafu leaks classified information a little at a time until the Axis enemies piece it together, ambush his transport ship, and literally blow him to hell.

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