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The family may be off grid, but they aren’t anonymous.

In fact, they have Internet, as well as a Facebook page dating back to 2012 where they frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life.

(3) Why didnt John and Isaac marry as Quakers when their parents appear obviously so?

(4) In an 1861 letter to Lyman Draper, Jermemiah F.

“You let your kids decide the curriculum,” Ellsworth told “This is the natural way to live,” he said. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education.” Ellsworth called it “whole-life homeschooling.” “They are completely open about their life,” he said. They are all extremely intelligent.” The family will have huge legal bills, and friends have set up a Go Fund Me campaign here.

More information about the family can be read here and here.

More evidence would be useful tying the immigrant to his children and grandchildren.There are several problems: (1) Why was son George Wilcockson II, at age 12 or 13, not named an orphan in 1742 Chester County Orphans Court along with sister Mary?(2) Is Isaac Wilcockson (~1724 1765) a brother to John and George II.Later, the sheriff ordered Joe to turn over the other children by 10 a.m.or be arrested for felony charges, the family says. Deputies also threatened to impound the car, although a friend of the family convinced the deputies to allow Joe to have it back, the family says.

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