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c AMP is a "second messenger." That is, it is an signaling molecule that carries a signal of extracellular origin to some site within the cell.Generally, such signals originate from a hormone that is itself too large to enter the cell.

Calvin cycle (also Calvin-Benson cycle or dark reaction) /KAL-vin, BEN-sən/ A series of biochemical reactions taking place in the stroma of the chloroplasts of those plants using the C3 carbon fixation pathway. DIAGRAM OF CALVIN CYCLE calyx /KAL-iks/ The whorl of sepals that encloses a bud and subsequently embraces the base of an open flower.MORE INFORMATION calcium channel An ion channel governing the passage of calcium ions.calcium phosphate /KAL-see-əm FOSS-fate/ The compound making up 85 percent of the mineral content of bone.Because it is transparent, every cell in its body can be seen. The fate of every cell at every stage of development is known. calcaneus /kal-KANE-ee-əs/ A bone of the tarsus, which in human beings underlies the heel; the heel bone.INFERIOR SURFACE | SUPERIOR SURFACE | LATERAL SURFACE | MEDIAL SURFACE calcareous /kal-KARE-ee-əs/ Containing, or composed of, calcium carbonate. calcitonin /KAL-sə-TONE-ən/ A 32-amino acid linear polypeptide hormone.

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