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Tunnels and that other world, the world apart from Catherine's, and a world apart from mine.

An Elysium where all fans of Beauty and the Beast would simply choose to reside if it actually existed.

Given the confusing functionality, users never fully embraced the app.

The key insight was to streamline the user experience until all that was left was a lean photography app with the ability to comment and like.

I know my life has been enriched by Beauty and the Beast, the storylines and the whole concept of life beneath the New York City streets where love prevails is so beautiful and enchanting that I simply want to be there among the characters that I now view as among the very best friends that I have ever had.

And it doesn't rest there, as the very directors and actors and actresses themselves that played the parts within Beauty and the Beast have also become good friends to all that have met them at B&B conventions and reunions not to mention the whole new family that has sprung up among the fans where just like the show we endeavour to be family - as one.

The breakthrough moment came for You Tube’s co-founders when they realized that users had a lot better idea of what to do with their site than they did.

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And from 1898 to 1967, the company continued to diversify into new product lines – among them, electricity generation and cables – before officially becoming a huge industrial conglomerate, Nokia Corp.

Instagram was a confusing mobile app called Burbn that nobody used Instagram actually started as a part-time project by Kevin Systrom to learn coding while holding down a full-time marketing job.

The project, known as Burbn, was just an HTML5 app that combined a mix of check-in and gaming functions – think Foursquare meets Mafia Wars – in a single app.

Back in 2005, Twitter was birthed in Odeo, a Web site where people could find and subscribe to podcasts from around the world.

With Odeo struggling, the team devoted itself to Twitter, a side project that bubbled up inside the start-up.

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